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Pan American Experimental Company Culture


corporate vision


The future Pan American experiment will continue the research and development and technological achievements into the core of independent intellectual property rights. In the future of the laboratory construction environment, the Pan American experiment will be more intelligent and advanced, more standardized standards, more secure forward-looking, more energy-saving environmental protection technology to build a modern laboratory.


Laboratory construction concept


The establishment of a distinctive laboratory, built to become the leading domestic industry, and international standards of first-class laboratory.


Corporate values


Professional innovation enterprising win-win situation


Our Mission


Add value to shareholders  

So that customer satisfaction

Share with employees  

Harmony with society


Entrepreneurial spirit


Achievement is accumulated by bit by bit, and only long-term accumulation in order to sink into the sea.


Employer concept


Talent reuse, talent education, talent stable use.


Development concept


A hero, a win-win!


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